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In an attempt to keep his body in peak physical condition, Kurzweil states in his book The Singularity is Near that he takes supplements a day and half a dozen intravenous therapies a week. In an increasingly secular society, our perpetual infatuation with immortality could be a way to fill the gap that religion has left. With no sound scientific evidence to back up the procedure , many people are still willing to take the risk of being injected with the blood plasma of young people in an attempt to fight the ageing process.

But what happens when these expectations start leaking into our real lives?

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At that point in my life, no one close to me had died, and I had never had any sort of experience with death. We constantly told my brother that if he just fought hard enough, he would be fine. So he fought β€” very hard. But even so, he died. In western culture we are exceptionally good at ignoring death. We are sheltered from it at all costs and brought up to believe that death is something that can be conquered, if only we would try hard enough. I have never seen a corpse.

The nurses told us that it would be easier for my brother to pass if we left him alone, and we were told that it would be too distressing for us to see him after. A few days later, he was cremated, and that was the end of it. Without death β€” and without the acknowledgement of death β€” we cannot know how to truly live.

Our mortality is what creates meaning in our lives. We want the process of death to be behind closed doors, and we want to forget about it as quickly as possible. After the funeral, his wife took his ashes, cut off communication with my family and me, and moved. She wanted a fresh start.

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  4. She wanted to forget. Being temporarily dead does not violate quantum immortality, because we lose consciousness every time when we sleep, that proves that quantum immortality does not require us to have consciousness all the time. All what quantum immortality requires is that sometime in the future we will have consciousness again.

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    But what happens when our brain gets damaged and as a consequence we will never reach a normal level of consciousness again? If the brain damage is permanent and can not be undone then I would say that would violate quantum immortality. I believe quantum immortality is defined similar to the second law of thermodynamics.

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    The second law of thermodynamics says that entropy can only increase and never decrease over time. I believe quantum immortality says that the maximum level of consciousness can only increase and never decrease over time. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction

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    Joyful Hearts By Retreat’s Closing | Facing Our Immortality

    Click the photo for a link to the amazon page, or this link for the ebook. Email Address. Skip to content. Home About Faq. Q: What is the most complicated equation? Q: What is quantum immortality? Posted on April 15, by The Physicist. Email Print Facebook Reddit Twitter. Bookmark the permalink. April 15, at pm. Tommy Scott says:. David Peters says:. April 16, at am. David says:.

    The Physicist says:. April 16, at pm.

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    Anders says:. April 18, at am. April 18, at pm. What does that mean? April 19, at am. April 19, at pm. David Fair enough. How did I imply MWI?

    April 20, at am. Lucy says:. April 27, at am. April 27, at pm. Lucy Curses! I looked in the wrong Wiki! Thanks for catching that. An Onymous says:. August 14, at pm. Markus says:. October 5, at pm. These are my thoughts about quantum immortality: I believe that quantum immortality is timeless. Anonymous says:. September 5, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

    How Humans Will Respond to Immortality: An Interview with Philosopher John Fischer

    Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Send your questions about math, physics, or anything else you can think of to:. With each funny story we shared, there always seemed to be a hidden lesson we learned along life's journey. We laughed a lot, but he's one of those people who, if I were telling a story and had a tear in my eye over the memory, I wouldn't feel embarrassed. Last night over dinner we were exchanging stories, Vanelli about his parents and me about my mine. As he was talking about something his mother said and calling him "Robby," I actually felt like I grew up next door to the Vanellis.

    I commented, that whether you believe in immortality or not, we've made those special people in our lives, who we've lost, immortal through the love for them that comes out in each story we share. I needed to get back to this side of the state and left for the three-hour drive just after dinner. As I drove home I had one wonderful conversation after another with my folks - all brought on thanks to the dinner conversation with Vanelli. Then, this morning, while reading one of Sheila's Marianne Williamson books, she wrote about healing through the memories of loved ones we've lost.

    She essentially described the wonderful feelings I enjoyed on the ride home last night. Finally, this morning I caught a post Vanelli shared on Facebook about a good friend's wife who passed away. He talked about how an old photograph got him talking to her about her husband and their friendship. He closed the post with:. If you have lost someone, don't be afraid to have a conversation with them. For me, it keeps them in my life.