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Fourteen years on, and the film more than holds up, long outlasting initial criticism that it was marketed to an audience far too young for its violent themes.

With stunning special effects, mini-mayhem, and exciting set-pieces, Small Soldiers is a treat. Remember when Katie Holmes was cool? Well she was once and it was in this film. Telling four interlinked stories that occur over the course of one night, the disparate cast features Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf as gay soap actors unwittingly forced by weirdo cop William Fichtner to take part in a police sting operation by weird cop.

Sarah Polley plays a slacker trying to make rent money selling drugs, Katie Holmes as her friend who gets caught up in the deal and forced to spend the night with drug dealer Timothy Olyphant and Desmond Askew of Grange Hill fame as the unpredictable friend linking them all. Scatter-shot but focused when it matters, Go is utterly watchable, fun and actually makes you wish you lived in LA. For many, this is where mainstream success started for Heath Ledger.

Not forgetting the formidable talents of a certain Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the cast is rounded out with the stellar Julia Stiles also in her breakout role and David Krumholtz. Leave it to Sam Raimi to create an original superhero for his Hollywood debut. Skills that would later lead to a career renaissance for the dramatic actor. Darkman is forced to live in the shadows both literally and metaphorically because of his appearance and has to become different people with his revolutionary synthetic skin. Before his critical and award winning success with Far From Heaven , director Todd Haynes made Velvet Goldmine, the fictionalized account of a former glam-rock star.

A surreal Citizen Kane -inspired visual feast, the film is dazzling, metaphoric and hallucinatory.


Working as a better biopic of the talents of the 70s then a straightforward film ever could, Velvet Goldmine is the best representation of glam-rock we are ever likely to see onscreen. Massively panned upon theatrical release and subject to well-documented production troubles just like every other film in the Alien franchise, Alien 3 just looks better and better by comparison to those that have followed.

And, this was a worthy follow-up to Alien and Aliens. Our full lookback at Alien 3 is here. It seems really was the year Heath Ledger broke through and this was the movie that put him on the map in Australia and led to 10 Things I Hate About You. Two Hands is also a brilliant, if unknown, film in its own right, a tightly told crime thriller with a surreal edge, featuring Ledger as Jimmy, a small-time crook who ends up deep in debt to serious gangsters.

Ledger is a magnetic presence who carries the film, although he is ably supported by romantic interest Rose Byrne. A gritty and frenetic cyber-punk story from Kathryn Bigelow, Strange Days is certainly flawed, but has enough ambition, thrills and bold ideas to overcome its failings and become something of a minor triumph. After receiving a warning from a SQUID client, and later a recording of her violent death, Lenny and his compatriots Angela Basset and Tom Sizemore are dragged into a conspiracy that threatens to tear the entire city apart.

Visually daring and with striking performances, Strange Days paints a possible future world with frightening believability,and dazzles the viewer with high-concepts and physical filmmaking. Produced and written by Apatow, and directed by Ben Stiller, The Cable Guy tells the story of nice guy Steven Kovaks Matthew Broderick whose life spirals out of control after he reluctantly befriends psychotic cable engineer Chip Jim Carrey.

What follows is extreme act after extreme act, featuring such highlights such as a fight at a medieval banquet, Carrey serenading a party with Somebody To Love , and an awkward family game of porno password. Also providing some of the funniest scenes is Ben Stiller in dual roles as a child star on trial.

The Game is one of those films that people often mention but seldom watch. The Game however, is exemplary and well worth your attention. A complex film within a film, the simple set-up of a rich man bored with his life becoming entangled in a game which may or may not be real creates a launchpad for Fincher to have a lot of fun. Douglas himself offers one of his finest performances, getting the audience to genuinely invest in a billionaire with the perfect life.

We revisited the film in more detail, here. Tremors is not just a horror-comedy to rival the likes of Evil Dead , I would say that this movie kick-started one of the best horror franchises ever, yet one which rarely gets the true recognition it deserves. Kevin Bacon leads the cast as a maintenance worker in the tiny town of Perfection, Nevada, whose population of 14 come under attack from Graboids, a form of giant, deadly sand worms. After building up the initial mystery, the film quickly becomes an inventive battle of survival between the townsfolk and Graboids, with some ingenious kills and methods of disposing of the monsters.

His work ethic is immense, as is his choice of film and his talent. Take this supernatural thriller, for instance. You can easily imagine these things actually happening — indeed, most of what you see will be depressingly familiar to anyone who has worked in the corporate world, but the humor rescues the movie from being a horrible social-realist piece. Office Space is an enduring cult classic, referenced in everything from Family Guy to World of Warcraft. Here's our full lookback. Martin plays Harris K Telemacher, a TV weatherman in a dead-end relationship who starts receiving cryptic romantic advice from a freeway sign.

Pursuing relationships with both a sophisticated British journalist, as well as an aspiring promotional model a young and apparently adequately nourished Sarah Jessica Parker , it also charts the absurdity of living in LA, that most modern of cities, dedicated to the cult of celebrity and a place where it is very easy to be lonely. Based loosely on the works of pulp writer Dashiell Hammett, this film noir set in Prohibition-era America details a power struggle between two rival gangs, a power struggle that Gabriel Byrne finds himself in the middle of.

The dialogue, much culled directly from Hammett himself, is whip-sharp and delivered with relish by the incredible cast. The stand-outs here are Albert Finney and Jon Turturro who, as bookie Bernie Bernbaum, is probably at his very finest. For all those many, many fans of Empire Records , I implore you to check this earlier effort from director Allan Moyles out as well. Using a harmonizer to disguise his voice and going by the pseudonym of Happy Harry Hard-On, Hunter is the mouthpiece of disaffected youth.

However, this influence proves so disruptive within the community that he faces a fight to stay on the air. Our more detailed lookback at the film is here. Instead, he employs an assistant, Steve Arlo, played by Ben Stiller, to carry out his work.

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Engaging, funny, and totally absorbing, Pullman and Stiller make a great crime fighting partnership, but one that is definitely modern, with all the pressures that entails. It was a brave choice of project to follow up his masterpiece Pulp Fiction, and sadly was savagely and unfairly, compared to it. Give Jackie Brown another chance. You will not be disappointed.

This film proves that, with the right material, Sam Raimi is a masterful director, irregardless of genre. Let the cover-ups, arguments and murders begin. Plus of course a deepening of the mystery surrounding where the money came from. Complex and painfully tense, A Simple Plan gives nothing away, and wastes not a single scene. They fully gave in to their progressive rock urges on Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV , not to mention the tangled, episodic sci-fi narrative dreamed up by frontman Claudio Sanchez — he released a companion graphic novel with the same name.

Sanchez explored the depths of his imagination for inspiration, and no matter how deep he descended Coheed and Cambria would resurface to go for the gut. Owls — every member of Nineties emo pioneers Cap'n Jazz but guitarist Davey von Bohlen who was busy writing history in his own new group, the Promise Ring — dealt in fractured songs whose thorny guitars, oddball time signatures and elliptical lyrics bring to mind an indie-pop Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. Proving that, while you can take the musicians out of emo, you can't take emo out of the musicians, singer Tim Kinsella explained Owls' m.

Originating in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, the Jazz June were pure fodder for music theory fans. On third album The Medicine , the band goes beserk with searing melodies; shrill, math-y ad-libs; and surprise detours in time signature. For the album, the band worked with Don Zientara and J. Robbins at Dischord-frequented Inner Ear, whose work vocalist Andrew Low had admired since his teens. We were so excited we would have died trying. In , emo's third wave was collapsing while the genre's status as a pejorative hit a high point — in March of that year a mob descended upon black-clad teenaged emo fans in Mexico City.

Algernon Cadwallader ignored emo's present to embrace its roots: Bassist-vocalist Peter Helmis jokingly introduced his band in a interview by saying, "We sound like Cap'n Jazz. Algernon's act of rebelliousness set a foundation for emo's insurgent, largely independent fourth wave to seep onto Billboard and win over critics, and it wouldn't have happened if the group merely repurposed Cap'n Jazz's fidgety euphoria.

Some Kind of Cadwallader radiates thanks to Algernon's playful rhythm section, Helmis's yearning yelp, and the triple-Lutz guitars provided by Philly punk engineer and future Hop Along member Joe Reinhart.

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The Jealous Sound may have never attained the same level of recognition as peers such as Sunny Day Real Estate who took the Jealous Sound out on their reunion tour but the band was as respected by other bands as they were their own fans. Rising out of the bittersweet ashes of Knapsack and Sunday's Best, the group blended frontman Blair Shehan's palm-muted rhythms with Pedro Benito's chiming leads and the result was pop without the pomp, a riff-driven sound that was as unforgettable as it was lyrically obtuse.

But eventually everything started kicking live, and that was the one we liked and wanted to do again. The louder, faster, more discordant subgenre "screamo" had a bicoastal genesis. In California, there was the small-but-vital scene forming around indie labels Gravity and Ebullition, while on the East Coast, the lone Maryland band Moss Icon stood peerless.

Recorded in but not released until , Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly still sounds ahead of its time. The band tempers its breakneck punk with guitar skree and dynamics shaped by British post-punk and goth, without directly tipping a hat to either. Lyrically, the songs take on white, male, American imperialism — "emo" in intensity, but far removed from the self-absorption that defined their contemporaries and followers.

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Your Favorite Weapon is chock full of what everybody hates about emo: the elaborate murder fantasies, the let's-get-the-hell-outta-this-towns, the cacophony of whiny young men and their overblown contempt for young women. Frontman Jesse Lacey bemoans his girlfriend's indifference to the Smiths "Mixtape" and her autonomous decision to travel the world without him "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad". Still, bad boys get the blues, and Brand New has a knack for crafting bubbly pop-punk anthems that speak to the darkest, most juvenile sides of ourselves.

None can forget the legendary love triangle that spawned "Seventy Times 7," a scorching diss track against Taking Back Sunday's John Nolan. With the album, the band explored tighter hooks and benefitted from a tinge of bitterness that made Riot! There's no crushing breakdown, not a single blistering yawp to be found in Dashboard Confessional's sophomore LP. Still, packing a folk-y, acoustic ensemble more fit for a coffee house than a punk house, the deceptively soft-spoken Chris Carrabba breathes enough fire to ignite a thousand Abercrombie stores.

In his breakout hit, "Screaming Infidelities," he speaks to the burn of being jilted, emphasized by rogue strands of his ex-girlfriend's hair on his belongings. He ditches the band altogether in "Again I Go Unnoticed," cathartically strumming out the sting of being phased out on his acoustic guitar; setting a precedent for other lonely bedroom guitar heroes to feel right at home on commercial radio.

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An oft-overlooked staple of second-wave emo, Rainer Maria provide feminine perspective in a genre where it was always sorely lacking. Songs like "Feeling Neglected? Look Now Look Again plays like an act of artistic justice. Cursive's third full-length sees him at both his most vulnerable and vitriolic. Inspired by his then-recent divorce, Kasher relived his disintegrated relationship via projected characters. However instead of lyrical introspection he nastily points his finger in the other direction, whether it's claiming "your tears are only alibis" on "The Martyr" or engaging in twisted head games during "The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst.

Looking back on Washington, D. But brought Embrace. Fronted by Dischord records cofounder and ex-Minor Threat vocalist Ian MacKaye later of Fugazi , the band lasted just nine months before imploding — ironically, due to personality conflicts. But their lone album drew a line in the sand between hardcore's tough-guy posturing and unfettered, all-inclusive self-expression. Where Minor Threat dealt in power chords, velocity and finger pointing, Embrace is a jangling, mid-tempo effort that finds MacKaye singing vulnerably, pointing the finger at himself.

The skate magazine Thrasher dubbed the sound "emo-core" in a review of the album, but MacKaye countered , calling it, "the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard in my entire life. Together, they launched their debut with a steely, urgent guitar riff that builds up to singer Lazzara's screaming whine of "So sick, so sick of being tired. If you acknowledge it, it sort of makes it funny instead of trying so hard to take yourself really seriously about the whole thing. Bemis is a hopelessly romantic, self-destructive, misanthropic genius from top to bottom on an LP that is as humorous and surreal as it is emotionally potent.

The audio quality isn't great, the songs aren't polished the album was recorded over a single weekend so that drummer Ryan Pope wouldn't miss high school and songs like "Last Place You Look" are so earnest they border on melodramatic. Wales clearly provided the occasion for his greatest experience of nature, as it had for Wordsworth on Mt.

Everything from ploughed furrows to clouds to their reflections in pools is shining and gleaming. Hopkins wrote in his notes on St. His praise, the reverence due to him, the way to serve him Do I then do it? One biographical interpretation of this line is that he was hiding from fulfilling his ambitions to be a great painter and poet.

The collapse of his old poetic self is implied in the imagery, for Bellerophon was thrown off Pegasus because of his pride. They remained unknown to most of his contemporaries, however, for whom nature existed only to be exploited. From this time until his death the pollution of the industrial cities to which he was assigned took a mounting toll on his energies and his spirit. My muse turned utterly sullen in the Sheffield smoke-ridden air.

In December he became curate at St. Although from the time of his departure from Wales in until his death Hopkins composed nature poems, his assignments in Victorian cities forced him to change the focus of his life and art from nature to man, and finally to one man—himself. There is your world within. A man converts, gives up his family and his position in society, and then struggles manfully against, yet often succumbs to, tristitia. Thus, although pride is usually regarded as the deadliest of the seven sins, John concluded that excessive sorrow was the most ruinous diabolic obsession. One of the results of acedia is a feeling of the disappearance or withdrawal of God.

Eventually, Hopkins, like Dante, was granted a glimpse of Paradise. It seemed to me that a cloud covered us, shining, dense, solid and smooth; like a diamond smit by the sun. Stratford, Essex, to Manley and Kate Hopkins. Oxford, Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library. Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. Gerard Manley Hopkins. How should I rest in Paradise, Or sit on steps of heaven alone? Oh save me from a pang in heaven, By all the gifts we took and gave, Repent, repent, and be forgiven.

Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Related Content.

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Pitched past pitch of grief. More About this Poet. Region: England. As Kingfishers Catch Fire. At the Wedding March. Binsey Poplars. The Caged Skylark. Carrion Comfort. Duns Scotus's Oxford. Felix Randal. God's Grandeur. In the Valley of the Elwy. Pied Beauty.

Spring and Fall. The Starlight Night. That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the comfort of the Resurrection. The Windhover. The Wreck of the Deutschland. Show More. Spring Poems. Classic and contemporary poems to celebrate the advent of spring. Read More. Poems of Hope and Resilience. The words of others can help to lift us up. Blooming Like a Clod.

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An American Lent – Repentance Project

By Ange Mlinko. From Audio Poem of the Day October His Dark Places. From Poetry Off the Shelf December Gerard Manley Hopkins's "terrible sonnets" explore the contours of his depression. Article for Students. Learning the Sonnet. By Rachel Richardson. A history and how-to guide to the famous form.

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