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Sort order. Dec 30, BrokenTune rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. Seth narrowed his eyes as he looked at me. I'm not about to jeopardize my standing in this hospital to help satisfy your insatiable curiosity. Murder, She Wrote was one of my favourite series. I still enjoy watching reruns of it. Of course, it was formulaic and you could guess the murderer within about 5 minutes, but that doesn't matter. It was pure fun Seth narrowed his eyes as he looked at me. It was pure fun! When I found out a few weeks ago that there were tie-in books, there was only one thing for it - I had to find one.

To my astonishment, there aren't only many of them, but they are really popular! Except for one copy of Killer in the Kitchen, all of the copies at my library were waitlisted. Anyway, getting to the book now I'm not going into the plot or the story. If you've seen one episode of the tv series, you can guess the plot. The interesting part for me was the writing. Would the tie-in portray the same characters, the same feel of the tv series?

How would the writer s handle the fact that pretty much everyone who reads this already has some fixed ideas about the characters? Well, the short answer is by leaving out most of the description of anything. The writing almost entirely relies on the readers knowledge and pre-informed ideas of the characters and of Cabot Cove as a setting. I was amazed. Does it work?

See a Problem?

Yes, but only if you have seen the series. I doubt that the book, which almost entirely consists of dialogue between the characters would work for readers who have not seen the tv series. Also, because the story consists of mostly dialogue, interspersed with a little narration by J. Fletcher herself, it is sometimes difficult to make out the intentions of the character.

Again, the book depends on the reader's familiarity with the tv series. Killer in the Kitchen is actually one episode that I remember watching, so I am really not sure how the book would have worked on me if I hadn't been able to picture the scenes.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre- "A Killer in the Kitchen"

However, I have only read one book in this series, so cannot generalise about this. The question remains if I would read another one. In all honesty, probably not. I really prefer the series - because it thrives on the characters and the cast. Lastly, there is one aspect that I simply have to mention because this review would just be incomplete without doing so. And this aspect is encapsulated perfectly in the following quote from the book: "By the way, Mrs. The main mystery about Murder, She Wrote has always been why the inhabitants of Cabot Cove never moved. I mean, if I lived near J.

Fletcher, I'd run for the hills. Did they never think about why there were so many mystery murders in that town?

View 1 comment. Mar 31, Lisa Ks Book Reviews rated it really liked it. My reason for not reading one? On to my review. I really really liked this book! The story was so well written. Author Donald Bain does an incredible job of keeping the voice of the show alive. The mystery was very compelling. I found myself turning page after page needing to see what would happen next. View 2 comments. Apr 20, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: night-owl-reviews , mystery-shelf , tv-tie-in , cozy-mystery.

Killer in the Kitchen by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain is a NAL publication There are plenty of twists and turns and surprising confessions that make this mystery especially puzzling. But, I must say, this novel is one of the really good ones! I recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries, but especially for cozy mystery lovers or to those who enjoy TV tie-in novels.

Apr 07, Debbie Lester rated it it was amazing. Readers and fans of the series both tv and books, love Jessica Fletcher, a writer from Cabot Cove who tends to find herself in the middle of just about every murder investigation that turns up in the area. Bain does an amazing job of keeping Jessica's voice alive, long after the tv show has ended. Killer in the Kitchen is the 43rd book in the series and Bain sh If you are a fan of the Murder She Wrote television show you would probably love the Murder She Wrote book series by author Donald Bain.

Killer in the Kitchen is the 43rd book in the series and Bain shows no sign of slowing down. A well written addition to the series! There's a new chef in town and he is ruffling a lot of feathers. Pepe Leboeuf has had a house in Cabot Cove for awhile but when he decides to start a new restaurant to compete with the others in town, he ends up dead. It's up to Jessica to prove that it is not one of the owners of her favorite restaurant, Leg and Claw, who did it. As always Donald Bain does an amazing job of writing Jessica. She is just the same inquisitive and plain spoken as she was in the tv show.

I like the way she investigates. Straightforward and to the point. She isn't afraid to put herself in hot water to find a killer and she proves that in Killer in the Kitchen. The mystery aspect of this book was really interesting. I found myself captivated by Brad and Marcie and their struggle to make the Leg and Crab a great restaurant.

Though Leboeuf may have been a threat to their livelihood, the reader knows that Brad was not the killer from the beginning. Finding out who really did it was the challenge. I liked the fact that Bain gives the readers good motives and good suspects in this one. It wasn't easy to figure out who did it, but it was fun to go from clue to clue and try to put the puzzle together. Cabot Cove is a great small town for a mystery series. Maybe not a great place to live since the murder count continues to grow, but still a great place to read about.

I like the fact that Bain continues to figure out new ways to make this series seem new and inviting. That is something really difficult to do 43 books in. I think that speaks a lot to the writers versatility and imagination. Jessica is a great character to work with, but I think it takes a lot more than just a blueprint to go from to make a series great, regardless of whether or not readers are familiar with the show. Bottom Line: This book was a true cozy mystery.

It was clue based and the reader could follow along just like the lead characters in figuring out whodunit. Bain was able to draw the reader in with a good hook and keep them on the line until the very end. I liked the fact that this one was set in Cabot Cove. Some of the books that Bain writes for the series that take Jessica out of her niche seem to fall a little short. But when she is in her hometown, Jessica and the story shines.

I thought this one was particularly interesting. Readers who are mystery lovers and foodies can't go wrong with this one! There's no denying that I am the biggest fan of Murder, She Wrote and culinary mysteries. When I heard about Killer in the Kitchen I was very excited that my two favorite elements would come together. Murder, She Wrote and a foodie mystery. So they decide with the financial help of Brad's mother and a dear friend to mystery writer and Cabot Cove resident Jessica, Isabelle to open the restaurant in Cabot Cove, Maine.

Barreling into There's no denying that I am the biggest fan of Murder, She Wrote and culinary mysteries. It worries Marcie what the fate of their restaurant will be with Chef LeBoeuf's renovated warehouse restaurant right next door. Inside the kitchen of Chef LeBoeuf, the famed chef is found stabbed to death. It's only natural that Brad becomes a suspect but with Chef LeBoeuf's arrogant personality and shady dealings with his restaurant crew someone else could possibly be the killer and Jessica makes it her mission to find out.

Jessica's soft spoken presence and she has a way about her when it comes to solving crime. She does a great job at not making it look like she's not interfering in other people's business. She always solves the crime before Sheriff Mort. Jessica is my very favorite ameteur sleuth of all time. This series will stand the test of time and Killer in the Kitchen was highly entertaining with the narration of Sandra Burr,she had the Maine accents of Dr Seth Hazlitt down to a tee and they were very pleasurable and humorous to listen too.

Waiting to find out who Chef LeBeouf's killer was had me on the edge of my seat. Being anyone could have done it it was just which one of them actually did it. Murder, She Wrote Killer in the Kitchen is a perfect mystery for foodie mystery fans and for fans of Mrs Fletcher, mystery writer and ameteur sleuth of Cabot Cove, Maine. Mar 22, OpenBookSociety. Tensions rise hot and fast until they boil over, leading to a nasty confrontation between Leboeuf and Brad. So when one chef is found with a knife planted in his chest, the other becomes the prime suspect.

One of the things that I like about Murder, She Wrote series is that each can be read as a standalone and one can jump into the series with any of the novels. If you are like me, you will be looking for some earlier ones to read. And she just keeps getting better. They were young and hopeful, having learned all they could about reaching their dream of having a successful fine dining establishment.

Isabel took a second mortgage on her home to help them. Her son, Brad, is a bit of a hothead but he knew what he wanted in the facility design. Several years earlier, Jessica Fletcher met the famous chef, Gerard LeBoeuf, when she was working on a mystery involving a five-star restaurant. She spent time with him in his New York restaurant to learn more about the best in haute cuisine establishments. About a year before, he, his wife and son moved to a mansion on the edge of Cabot Cove.

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