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As Passmore and his dogs got closer to the animal, the dogs were restless but, interestingly, weren't barking. Jim approached the animal very slowly, in order not to startle it. It wasn't a beaver. It was a dog. A dog that was very stuck in the mud, and looked like it had been there for a very long time. He called a rescue team to help him, as well as a police officer. The dog was barely responsive. Someone from the rescue team draped a blanket over it, in order to keep it warm and also to get a better grip on its very heavy body. The dog was too large and too stuck to lift out of the water by hand.

A solution was arrived upon. The rescue team fastened ropes around the dog's body in order to haul it out of the water. Someone later noticed that the dog was significantly overweight, which contributed to it getting so stuck in the first place. They also speculated that the dog may have been struck by a car on a nearby road, and wound up falling into the creek.

Freeing the dog from the mud was a surprisingly difficult affair. It took a great deal of planning, preparation and carefully executed brute strength to free it without hurting it. Nobody yet knew what the dog's condition was, if it was wounded or just exhausted. With the rope secured, the rescue team was able to finally haul the dog out of the water and onto dry land. The animal was visibly upset, shivering, and frightened of its rescuers. Thankfully, the dog's demeanor would change.

As could be expected, the dog was in some dire medical straits.

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The animal had been trapped in the cold water for an unknown period of time. It was wet, miserable, and alarmingly close to death. The rescuers dried it off and tried to keep it warm until it could get veterinary attention. The dog was in poor condition but was at least responsive. The rescuers attempted to comfort it, not knowing whether it would actually survive the ordeal. Thankfully, things would start looking up for the dog, who they came to know as Teddy.

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Teddy was an eight-year-old male. It remains a mystery how he wound up in his predicament. As described before, the most likely scenario is that he was hit by a car and then wound up stuck in the creek. Teddy was in too poor of shape to walk.

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It had to be loaded into a wheelbarrow and rushed back to a car, to be taken to a vet. Nobody yet knew if the dog was going to make it. Everyone was very concerned for their new friend. Teddy got very lucky on two counts. One, he was rescued from the creek in time to save his life. Two, the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals intervened to prevent him from being taken to the Broken Arrow Shelter, where he would likely have been euthanized.

Teddy received veterinary care that stabilized his condition.

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During the rescue, a panicked Teddy had actually bitten one of the people working to free him from the creek. There was some concern that Teddy might have rabies.

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Thankfully, it was a false alarm. It took a couple days for Teddy to acclimate to his pen at the OAA. He remained in an alarmed state for quite some time. Eventually, he warmed up to the workers. They administered pain medication that also helped him come back to a state of ease. Teddy's obesity continued to pose mobility challenges for him.

He had difficulty moving around, compounded by injuries. Nobody came to claim the dog, so it looked like Teddy would be staying at the OAA for some time. Many people cooed over him, and many people said they'd be interested in meeting or even adopting him when the time was right. They had to wait until a state mandated quarantine period had run its course. Had events not lined up perfectly for Teddy, he probably would have died.

Had he not been rescue, he probably would have been killed by exposure. Had the OAA not stepped in, he probably would have been taken to a shelter and euthanized.

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In the United States, about six million animals are processed annually. Of those, about three million are dogs. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of strays processed at these shelters, and low adoption rates, drive many shelters to euthanize animals after they've stayed a certain amount of time.

About , dogs are euthanized every year. The OAA took Teddy to the vet multiple times. Obviously, he received emergency attention after being rescued. He also enjoyed follow-up visits to address his issues with lethargy and immobility. The Fitspo community hides a host of disorders: body dysmorphia, anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, narcissism, mania, and nearly anything else you can think of, under the guise of self-righteousness. Sometimes you are sidelined. And when you are, it can be devastating to feel like a failure on top of the actual symptoms you are experiencing.

There is a line we have to walk in this space. We must move our bodies and seek knowledge to bettering our physical performance, while tuning out all the direct and indirect shame that the industry promotes. I am having a very hard time, right now, thinking am I making excuses?

Am I still messed up? Am I out of it? Am I in it? I never felt that way before becoming involved in the industry. There are so many facades — so many people behind a veneer, giving others bad advice to sell products. All I can do is promote fitness and health, while doing any work I can to dismantle this Fitspo culture that has taken my proverbial pill and tries relentlessly to make it another one of my problems.