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It was whispered around the village that because the baby could not lure his parents to join him in hell, he dragged down his intended parents-in-law instead.

So, you have no choice but to marry him, dead or alive. Also, because not only your future husband but your parents also died, no man will marry you. Before I had a chance to ask why, she cast me a malicious glance. But I knew the real reason that Mean Aunt was so eager for me to marry a ghost.

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Not because I was bad luck, but because I would be good luck for her. Though the wedding would bring me no husband, it would bring her a bundle of cash and a heap of expensive gifts. But of course rich people do not give away their money just because they are nice. Once married to their ghost son, I would be obligated to take care of my mother-in-law until she died! Born under an all-destroying star!

Interview with Mingmei Yip, Author of Secret of a Thousand Beauties

The lessons Spring Swallow learns from Aunty Peony teach her not only to become a skilled embroiderer but also about how to survive in life. Soon, however, secrets, jealousy, and betrayal break up the home Aunty Peony has built and Spring Swallow must forge ahead into the unforgiving world to try to make a life for herself.

While Spring Swallow begins her journey an innocent, she quickly matures as she meets with the deceit, betrayals, loss, and abandonment that come across her path. Yet something is alight within her that keeps her fighting to survive, to make a better life for herself and her young charge.

Spring Swallow learns well that happiness is fleeting and that often sacrifices must be made to allow us a better fate. Along the way she will fall in love, gain and lose three husbands, and finally find a place she can call home. The writing here was somewhat simplistic and character development could have been more thorough. Visit the upper right sidebar to sign on for FREE updates!


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  • Interview with Mingmei Yip, Author of Secret of a Thousand Beauties.

My next novel, which will be my seventh is The Witches Market , about a young woman who has suddenly acquired supernatural talents. After this realization, she travels to the Canary Islands, seeking witches against whom to test her own powers and calling. All these activities help provide material for my novels. Thank you, Yip, for joining us today.

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Check her out on Facebook, Twitter , and GoodReads. Where do your story ideas come from? What current projects are you working on? Care to share any details?

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