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When Cappa came to the Buccaneers as a rookie from little known Humboldt State in , the comparisons to Ali Marpet were inevitable. Small school guy starring at the Senior Bowl, played tackle in college, going to step right in and be an impact starter. Expecting Cappa to jump right in and be another Marpet was unfair. But we saw offensive line coach Joe Gilbert spending extra time nearly every practice this offseason working with Cappa individually, and sources told us Cappa was as improved as anyone on the team. Skepticism abounded, at least with myself.

And as an offensive lineman that means he is doing his job, and doing it pretty well. Now playing in a defensive end role in the Bucs base defense with Todd Bowles at the helm, Gholston has been freed up to do what he does best in one-on-one situations. Gholston has already recorded 10 tackles and four quarterback hits, a number that is on pace to double his career high at this point.

Gholston said himself earlier this season that playing in this defense is a lot of fun. The Bucs had a couple of question marks at the safety position entering the season with a foot injury to Justin Evans, but Whitehead quickly proved that he is more than capable of being a starter at strong safety for the Bucs. Whitehead has taken major steps forward in his second year holding down his starting position. He looks comfortable and understands the game better each week. Whitehead is excellent at making open field tackles, especially when in the box.

He also had his first career interception in that game, taking it back for 11 yards. While Barrett is getting the headlines, Whitehead has been making a lot of plays and should be considered an unsung hero.

Economic and Market Overview: First Quarter | Envestnet PMC

This included something as simple as blitz in the fourth quarter of the Rams game where White soared into the air and knocked down the pass from Jared Goff. On the season, Whitehead has 19 tackles, three pass breakups, one interception and a ton of confidence in what he can do. Vea has nine total tackles, but also has five quarterback hits through four games. Despite running through a gauntlet where the Bucs faced Pro Bowl running backs in Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley and Todd Gurley over a three-week span, the Buccaneers have allowed the fewest rushing yards per game to their opponents at just Again, relatively much better than last year, but overall still not a strength — below average at best which is a huge improvement I concede.

Suck-Ass has been noticeably absent this week. That dude is manhandling lineman right now and that spin move last week was insane for a man of his size. Him and Sue are causing the qb pressure up the middle which is freeing Barrett up to tee off. Well, stats are for losers. The only one that really matters is winning and loosing. We can only hope it stays that way. For me its Shaq Barrett. He plays vey hard with intensity. He along with Minter have been big surprises for this team. I believe our O-Line has been getting better as a whole each game.

I think This has helped Cappa immensely. Rating a single person on the O-Line is difficult because it truly is a unit. That is not to say one player cannot create a weak link that hurts everyone as Donnovan Smith has often been. Cappa has not been a weak link the last games which does say he is rising to the new watermark our line has been playing at. My vote is Minter. He has made the loss of White a non-issue, and that says a lot.

It also gives hope for a deeper center of our defense throughout the year. Since last year against the Saints, I have been saying that Whitehead can be our starter as safety! The guy is fearless. In light of the recent escalation of the US-China trade conflict we now expect the Fed to make two additional insurance cuts of 25 bps each before the end of the year. By taking a risk management approach to trade policy uncertainty, the Fed is amplifying the effect of trade policy on monetary policy.

There is now a strong feedback loop between trade policy and monetary policy that will force the FOMC to make more insurance cuts in the coming months, probably as early as September and October. They predict a US recession will land in late , at which point they expect rates to be driven down to 0. M arkets in New York have opened in the red:. Telegraph Money has examined what a sterling slip could mean for British consumers — and how best to stop yourself losing out. The commodity, seen as a safe-haven asset when markets are troubled, reach a six-year high yesterday as investors tried to avoid risks.

It thinks the UK will — narrowly — skirt a recession, but it could easily swing either way. Its analysts write:. With little positive momentum in the economy, there is a significant risk that output falls again in the third quarter. Note that its forecast for the three months to the end of August are flat — meaning a small swing could easily push the UK close to a technical recession.

P antheon Macroeconomics economist Samuel Tombs has taken a look at UK trade figures, which were released this morning alongside the UK GDP data that showed the British economy contracted in the second quarter.

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Looking ahead, both exports and imports should recover in Q3, as firms stop running down inventories and then re-build them ahead of the October deadline for Brexit. But the chances of net trade making a positive contribution to GDP growth remain slim. T he pound is continuing its slide against the dollar and euro, and is now more that 0. It just hit new record lows:. A s Government presses on with plans to quit the EU on Halloween with or without a deal, Michael Gove has suggested introducing a new bank holiday on November 1 to reduce the potential fallout.

She writes:. The Government will be worried that a sharp break with the EU would affect sterling again, and potentially upset stock markets. A bank holiday on Friday 4 November would give traders a weekend to digest the consequences of no-deal Brexit before markets reopen the following Monday. But it may only delay the inevitable reaction. He told the broadcaster:. I do not expect a recession at all. In reality, for as long as striking a Brexit deal remains government policy, we may never get a Bank forecast that forecasts a no-deal impact.

The pound has repeated re-slumped to records in recent weeks amid fears over a no-deal Brexit. The prospect of a no deal Brexit coupled with rising headwinds as a result of an escalation in the trade war should keep the UK economy growing at a subdued pace at best. T he FTSE is down 0. A fresh bout of political turmoil could easily tip it from drag to major problem.

The ratio of government debt to GDP is now at pc. Danger territory is supposed to begin at 90pc. Even so, excluding interest payments, the government actually runs a budget surplus. Indeed, it has done so for 25 of the last 27 years.

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The fiscal problem derives from a combination of a heavy weight of debt incurred in the past and very sluggish economic growth, continuing into the present. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell says:. The Tories are responsible for tumbling business investment and stagnating productivity — and that, along with nine years of austerity, has contributed to GDP contracting today. T he figures are obviously not the warmest welcome for recently-appointed Chancellor Sajid Javid.

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This is a challenging period across the global economy, with growth slowing in many countries. It marks a sharp reversal from the strong growth of 0. That period was boosted by a frenzy of stockpiling of goods and materials by businesses on both sides of the Channel ahead of the planned Brexit deadline of March The extra demand disappeared in the second quarter as companies cut back buying and used up parts of those stockpiles, hitting new output.

The contraction could set the scene for a recession, which is defined as two consecutive quarters of falling GDP. That election will have to be very very early in November. Q3 GDP first estimate is 11 November, and there must now be a high possibility of it marking the UK entering recession. Wonder is that on the campaign grid? Brexit could yet take a wrecking ball to those expectations, however We continue to expect the MPC to stand pat this year, provided a no-deal Brexit is averted. This, combined with more resilient performance of consumer spending, implies that the economy should avoid a technical recession two-quarters of consecutive negative growth.

However, given the fact that business investment is set to fall further implies that the Bank of England is equally a long way off from considering resuming its tightening cycle. The second-quarter figures were unusual given a big manufacturing slump, driven in particular by planned car industry plant closures.

Release Summary

Companies also spent the period burning through the stockpiles they had built earlier in the year, which had also padded the first quarter numbers. UK skirting with recession: GDP down 0. May see some stock-piling boost in lead up to Oct31st but this - like the 0. Probably now in the middle of weakest 2 quarters for growth since the financial crisis, weakest Q1-Q3 since financial crisis If consensus expectations correct, it will be weakest showing in G7.

M arkets. Reasons to be cheerful? Well, a lot of the decline seems to be down to the fall in car making as companies brought forward usual summer shutdowns of factories. The sharp fall in manufacturing output was led by a 5. This may be partially recovered in the second half, while we may see further stockpiling ahead of the October 31st deadline that leads to a boost to Q3 numbers, but on the whole the figures make for worrying reading. The other thing to note is the volatility in the data because of the uncertainty of Brexit.

If the Treasury delays action until after 31 October, its efforts will likely prove too little too late. Since April, small firms have not only had sustained political uncertainty to handle but also new HMRC reporting requirements, a higher National Living Wage, increases to auto-enrolment contributions and fresh business rates hikes. Confidence among small firms has been in the doldrums for a year now. Time is of the essence.

Hurricane Watch

Unless the Chancellor steps in imminently with radical action, we could be heading for a chaotic autumn — and a very long winter. He says:. Contraction in the second quarter is a rude awakening after the growth in the first three months of the year, and confirmation of the concerns businesses have been expressing about the economy. Companies have been running down stockpiles that were built up before the original March deadline for leaving the EU, and have kept production at tentative levels. Many firms have had to keep investment and recruitment decisions on ice, as the prospect of a disorderly Brexit becomes increasingly real.

While consumers have helped keep the economy afloat, it is increasingly worrying that underlying growth is largely absent.

PR Roundtable: Who Is The Bucs’ First Quarter Unsung Hero?

Whatever happens on October 31, the government needs to give business leaders a significant shot in the arm to return investment and productivity growth to the country after a prolonged period of uncertainty. There is evidence that stockpiling was taking place in the first quarter of the year, which provided a boost to GDP, with the latest figures showing that these increased stock levels were partly run down in Quarter 2 Furthermore, it was also reported that a number of car manufacturers had brought forward their annual shutdowns to April as part of contingency planning.

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Monthly estimates published today show that GDP growth was flat in June , while there were some downward revisions to earlier months in the quarter. The FTSE has extended declines narrowly, while the pound is hovering above two-year lows against the euro and dollar.