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Fitzpatrick - Caribbean Addiction set on Tortola J. Fielder - The Adventures of J. Jones: Smear Vol. Leger - Hallowe'en Ahoy! Kaye - Death in Kenya Death in. Some Day in the Summer Time Kaye - Death in Zanzibar Death in. Brewer - The Silla Project M. Cale Dixon - set in the San Franciso and S.

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Medina - White Crocodile Christopher G. II Laurie R. Kerry B. Mike O'Quin Jr. Kaye - Death in Kashmir Death in. Asia Robert E. Parker - Islands David F. Christopher G. Kelly - Death of a Friend T. One of the most important shows you'll see on the Fringe. Better than ever. Slapstick, light-hearted and bracing. The show describes in a funny and humorous way the everyday tasks of three balloon factory workers.

This play is an entertaining and straightforward critical analysis that might remind you of "Modern Times" His trick-riding displays with his wife in London in grew to become the world's first circus. A fascinating and unique 'insider account' by a real-life circus man. Actor and professional ringmaster Chris Barltrop returns to the Fringe with his lively one-man play.

Fusing physical theatre and gripping new writing, an honest and comic look at young love and old trauma. Two ex-lovers meet at a wedding and are forced to confront mismatching memories to unpack what happened all those years ago. A deft mix of light and shade The final hour of Two bickering sisters flee a party. Two outcasts prepare for the apocalypse. When their paths cross, they are forced to make choices that will alter their futures far beyond midnight.

Tech-savvy extremists rip up the rulebook, as a generation of men burn with resentment, falling into online worlds of fantasy and violence. Fresh from it's BBC4 adaptation and world tour, this hit show of the Fringe returns for one week only. Avoid booking fees - Buy tickets for all of our shows on the Edfest app or in person at any of our box offices Join us for the weird and wicked, horrible and hilarious..

Co-production with Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. Mixing pathos, wit, and menace, they nailed it. What a night! What a show! What a crowd! Tales from the Garden is a play about being a young woman, not knowing your place, being broken, trying to fix yourself, being haunted, being stolen, being free, asking God to help you, trying to help yourself, hiding, running, sewing, screaming, hoping. In her first one-woman show, Ameera Conrad explores the joys and traumas of being a young woman raised in a world that makes women targets for aggression and violence. This play explores the tension of consent, guilt, fear, and love, and questions what the repercussions are of having to deal with trauma alone.

A Fringe premiere of the smash-hit podcast hosted by singer-songwriter Jessie Ware and mother, Lennie, about food, family, and the beautiful art of having a chat. On previous episodes, guests have included musician pals Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith as well as chefs and food writers like Yotam Ottolenghi and Nigella Lawson.

Join Jessie and Lennie with guests from the world of music, culture and politics as they discuss food traditions, and the ways they vary across families, cultures and geography. Oversharing guaranteed. Table Manners won the New Voice award at the U. With a new cast of talented teens, this fast- paced, hilarious coming of age musical with an unforgettable rock score is back at the Rose Theatre. Evan Goldman's parents have split up and he is forced to leave the buzz of New York for the 'lamest place in the world' in rural Indiana. Will he find his place in the popularity pecking order?

A brand new play about the future. Olly Hawes' absurd comedy takes a sideways look at the lives of modern teenagers on the brink of futures they can't yet begin to imagine. A cast of 21 talented young actors present a wildly satirical vision of modern society: vapid, vacuous and vain. Angst-ridden, self-mocking and desperately ambitious, this dystopian comedy points a finger at the young, the old and everyone in between. Dysfunction abounds and nothing makes very much sense any more in this bleak comedy for the alternative age. Captivate Theatre has earned a reputation for energetic, witty performances.

Two girls embark on a journey to annoy their Tory parents, and quickly find themselves in the middle of a refugee crisis. They're going need to do more than just a fun-run to help. A powerful coming of age tale. THAT long-running show about four mystery-solving teens and their infamous dog is on its last legs. When a REAL mystery rears its head, can the Meddlin' Kids put aside their differences to unmask the villain one final time? A stand up comedian sees his world fall apart when his wife decides he can no longer mention her onstage.

Should anything be off-limits in the realm of confessional comedy? Is it OK to overshare with an audience of complete strangers? How would you feel if your life was turned into a joke? Twitter: robrouse. Bursting with originality. The future is uncertain. Does that thrill you or terrify you? After "exponentially funny" Your Days Are Numbered and "spectacularly entertaining" Brainsex, Timandra is back to play with risk and chance. This show probably includes graphs and gambling, songs, jokes and electric shocks.

But we can't be certain.

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  • Comrade Egg wants to change the world and she needs your help. Lecoq-trained company, Mother Bunch present a new solo clown show about social justice and chickens. Part clown boot-camp, part meat-industry magical realism, join Comrade Egg on a mission to lead 20, chickens to freedom. Disarmingly silly Archaeologist Nuala unearths a skeleton and her ordered life starts to unravel. Based on personal experience, this is an uplifting and compelling story about OCD, dungarees and being weird but not a weirdo.

    While Clarissa Dalloway prepares a party in Westminster, Septimus Smith is diagnosed with shell-shock, their memories and dreams intertwining with those of 15 other disparate souls, this hot blue day in June. Conjuring the hopes and regrets of post-war London, Dyad's adaptation of Virginia Woolf's celebrated map of hearts and minds offers a magical and compellingly feminist response to the aftermath of the First World War. Not even when I was sat in my Primark bikini in a plastic hot tub at Homerton Hospital, sucking the shit out of the gas and air There's a man sitting on the wall outside the flat.

    He just sat down the other day and never left. Directed by Offie Award nominee, Lisa Cagnacci. Quick catch-up: there's only one polar bear left alive, and we're going to save him. Will you help?

    A carbon-neutral comedy, powered by bike and solar-power, about how to still have hope. One performer. Seven characters. No technician. In an abandoned theatre former stagedoorman, Albert, has a story to tell Like no other. Fastpaced, intimate, lavishly visual storytelling, a Vaudevillian ghost story. There will be puppets, there will be songs, there will be technical wizardry and there will be danger Tales of war, courage, romance and danger animate this stunning and often humorous show written and performed by her award-winning director and actor daughter, Kate.

    Tonkin-Jones' performance In , David Finnigan met with 30 scientists and asked each of them a question: 'What's the biggest change happening in the world today? Stories about geese drawn into the engines of passenger planes, famous shipwrecks, fossilised chicken bones, whales singing with boat engines and surprises in the sand on remote Pacific beaches.

    You're Safe Til is an unlikely documentary in sounds, stories and beats - a highlights reel of the strange ways we are remaking the earth. Mathematician-Turned-World-Slam-Champion Harry Baker turns 10, days old, celebrating numbers, words and life itself. From getting through literal marathons to analysing the technical accuracy of So Solid Crew's 21 seconds, he's got 99 problems but maths ain't one.

    A daughter. An hour. A bond. Critically acclaimed SpeakUp Theatre present a searingly honest and personal onewoman show investigating the complexities of loving someone with mental illness. A moving, funny and relatable insight into how it feels to care for someone who can't always show that they care for you. Twitter: SpeakUpCogs. Praise for SpeakUp: Struck a deep, resonant chord.

    Would whole heartedly recommend. Forced to play for an audience of one - the US President himself - Carl's survival depends on giving the performance of a lifetime. Get tweeting again Edinburgh! Innovative-gig theatre based on interviews with women in the music industry. A tale of growing up, finding a voice and listening to Joni Mitchell records from award-winning poet, Genevieve Carver, and her multi-instrumental live band.

    Books by Camille LaGuire

    Includes themes of confidence, female working relationships, toxic masculinity and mental health, and genres from soul to electronica, classical and pop. A comedy play in three parts. Martin and Duncan are outraged to find that their local pub has been turned into a 'pub-themed-cafe' by the new owner. They immediately assume that he is French and devise a series of increasingly ludicrous and unsuccessful schemes to ruin his life. A delicate balance between irreverent and over-the-line. Debuting at the Fringe, Ivory Wings is a one woman show with a live piano score.

    It explores Alzheimer's and the therapeutic effects of music on patients' memory, whilst celebrating the remarkable women of the Air Transport Auxiliary whose job it was to deliver wartime aircraft, including Spitfires and Hurricanes, from the factories to the RAF bases during World War Two. Fundraising for Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer Scotland. Pleasance Futures nurtures ambition and encourages excellence. To find out more and support emerging artists visit pleasance. How unlikely is your existence? This nine piece progressive brass band embark on a curious audio-theatrical journey.

    Replete with intricate rhythms, enormous choral harmonies, dynamic choreography and ruminations about stars and happenstance. This is gig theatre which contemplates our baffling origins. Winners of the Les Enfants Terribles Award Join Amy, and a panel of her more famous comedian friends, at the recording of this feminist comedy conversation show. As featured in the Guardian, i and Time Out. Different guests and topics at each show. Join us as our Korean traditional band creates ingenious world music by blending Western and Korean sounds. Played on Korean traditional instruments, it's touching, astonishing and emotional, and will lead you to a fantastic new world.

    Join the captivating musical journey! Following a sell-out run at London International Mime Festival , Theatre Re presents a powerful, poignant and uplifting visual theatre piece with live music exploring the bond between three generations of women, their shared loss, and the strength they discover in each other. Emily is eight months pregnant when she reads her grandmother's journal. Brilliant rhyming, wordplay, great musicianship and haunting tunes you won't forget. Epic story-songs about family, hope, life, love and bagels.

    Warm, witty and wise. You'll laugh, you'll cry. What's not to like? Remember when I got cancer and had a breakdown in Tesco's? Then literally went mental and posted some songs on Twitter? When anxiety was at full capacity level, my mum bought me a ukulele and it has saved my life. I wrote some songs and randomly posted them online. Before I knew it there were millions of hits. I have no idea how it has all happened but people just seemed to relate to my random bedroom tales!

    This is a common story about common people. Directed by Kathy Burke. An American risks overstaying her U. A Guatemalan faces the dangerous trek to America. As their parallel stories intertwine, two young women discover how far they'll go to get what they need A vibrant narrative poem woven with gripping drama by Jessica Phillippi, featuring music by Simon Liddell.

    Based entirely on real life experiences, Lobster scrutinises the deeper, brutal side of both love and life, challenging our preconceptions of women and dating, sex and autonomy. Polly bounces between dreadful dates and exciting encounters, tinder swiping, sexting, dick pics, pressuring parents, wonderful friends What lies behind her relentless campaign for love?

    And what would any of us do, when our world falls apart? Tracking Lauren Booth's journey from hedonism to Hajj on a social and spiritual adventure, this nuanced one-woman show, performed with brisk honesty and sharp humour, sweeps from the suburbs of North London to the olive groves of Palestine, exploring activism, the Celebrity Jungle and life's big questions. Poignant, moving and funny Performing in a new venue this year, these St Andreans hope to 'make waves' with an impressive and diverse assortment of tunes.

    Whether it's classical close harmony arrangements, the essential top 40 tracks or side-splitting parodies that you prefer, The Other Guys are sure to sing it and sing it well. With an emphasis on entertainment, this is an a cappella performance you definitely shouldn't miss. The Oxford Gargoyles is Oxford University's internationallyrenowned jazz a cappella group. With a rich 29 year history and 14 years of delighting audiences at the Fringe, the group bring unbeatable musicality, slick choreography and infectious fun.

    Their unique repertoire of jazz, soul, pop and funk has proved a favourite and has achieved frequent 5-star reviews, making them a staple of the Edinburgh a cappella scene. Myra, a middle-aged, homeless Dublin street drinker, is feisty, funny, and foul-mouthed. Desperate for her first drink of the day, she begs from the passing city centre throngs. Between begging she re-lives her back story.

    Playing all the characters, and acting out all the incredible events that have led her to this pitiful existence, Myra takes us on an, at times hilarious, but ultimately heartbreaking, journey. A historical tragedy, a hero failed in battle, his beautiful lover and handsome war horse accompanying him towards the end of the inevitable fall of the kingdom, a heartbroken farewell between lovers via a stunning sword dance. Pitch Purple is back at the Fringe for the third year, bringing you more award-winning a cappella! Don't miss it!

    This revolutionary rock musical follows a year in the life of a group of impoverished bohemians struggling to survive and create in the East Village of '90s New York. Featuring iconic numbers, including Seasons of Love and La Vie Boheme, Rent is a powerful story of modern life that shows there is no day but today! Pitch Purple give me goose bumps. Richard Shelton's masterful show revealing the man behind the music returns following a sold-out West End season.

    Palm Springs, California, Frank Sinatra faces retirement. But times are changing as the Stones and Bowie dominate the charts. Things take an unexpected turn when he drinks One for My Baby too many. This is the 2am Sinatra you dream of meeting. The love story has a "play within play" storyline, delivering a contemporary interpretation of "Shakespeare of the East".

    It features a unique Chinese musical style embodies the modern and the traditional. A unique and powerful production steeped in history. Meet Annie, a veteran's child on her way to change her life. A tour de force one-woman play about the power of the past, help and hope. Finalist in LET Award. Playwright and Olivier Award Nominee. A political thriller with biblical bite. In a contemporary single-faith Middle Eastern state, a charismatic preacher with a radical message of peace emerges.

    As violence continues to tear the region apart, his followers are persecuted and imprisoned. A 21st century Judas is interrogated but is he betrayer or betrayed, visionary or zealot? And who is ultimately pulling the strings? In this reimagining of the Greek myth, an intricate puppet is doomed with the hopeless task of pushing a colossal stone up a hill. Trapped in an endless cycle, the man wrestles with the futility of his existence. Award-winning Half a String fuse transforming sets, puppetry, hand-drawn animation, live cello and atmospheric voices.

    Previous praise below. When Ryan's firework-filled marriage proposal awakens an ancient creature in a nearby lake, residents become consumed by stories about the "thing" and the dark effects it has on anyone who touches it. Admirers descend into zealotry and obsession where mob mentality, paranoia and blind faith best common sense in a landscape that looks surprisingly close to the world in which we live today.

    A one man musical featuring multi-instrumentalist and award winning polymath Brian Joseph. Through his songs, writings and photographs, Joseph presents a funny, moving and altogether original portrait of a cancer caregiver, enraged by soup and ghosts. Flattered and provoked by this enigmatic presence, he seeks to justify his life Sell-Out Show at EdFringe' A stand-up poetry show about dead dogs, chocolate and nostalgia. Lydia now only wears clothes she has made. Combining choreography, live sewing, comedy and original music, four friends tell her story.

    Beautiful, searching, painful Irresistably colourful, loud and fun show for all the family. Thrillingly spectacular circus skills, physical comedy, clowning, theatrical storytelling and slapstick combine in this follow up to international hit The Hogwallops from 'good old fashioned contemporary circus' LiT. A rundown hotel becomes a physical playground for a multinational cast of six highly skilled acrobats, clowns and jugglers.

    All history: Women are branded as hysterical. Right now: You read this, you feel a sensation that can only be described as an uncontrollable urge. You book your ticket. Fiercely intelligent It's January. Rosa is only just over her hangover and writing her New Years Resolutions. But before she's even had time to delete her dating apps and get into downward dog she's diagnosed. With ovarian cancer. And it's spread. Rosa's new goal for the year ahead is to survive it. Madame Ovary explores the typical struggle every something has with trying to stay relevant and the less typical struggle of trying to stay alive.

    Devastating and beautiful and true. Is Rachel ever honestly present in the moment? Sometimes it takes a little darkness to shine a light on the truth. Held captive by the perfect machine, one human must defend their species and answer the ultimate prerequisite: are we even worth it? With real humans and robots, Evaluation is an exploration of what makes us human. Tom GK's hearing is going out with a bang! Former Daily Telegraph music writer and critically-acclaimed storyteller combines laughter, song and genetic disease in this vaudevillian biography. Hearing loss was always a nightmare for musicmad Tom GK Will leave you singing for joy" BBBB.

    A dark, sexy, and funny tale about the temptations we face when we find ourselves in a room with the devil - and what happens when we gamble with our soul. When Pepper and her husband Salvatore meet Delia, a volatile triangle of dark, passionate, and comic twists and turns is put in motion. When faced with your demons, what are the choices you'll make to save yourself? What do you want? What do you deserve? What can you get away with? From The Wind examines Scotland's relationship with renewable energy. Exploring the challenges that face funding and developing renewable energy on the islands and mainland of Scotland and hearing from the people of these communities.

    Described as a thrilling hour of fast paced action, New Perspectives' award-winning staging of Chigozie Obioma's powerful allegory of brotherhood, vengeance and fate adapted by Gbolahan Obisesan returns to the Fringe for 6 performances only. Eleanor managed to survive WWII as an enemy alien in Nazi Berlin, but upon her long-awaited return, she finds that her beloved America is now foreign to her.

    She attempts to navigate U. Adapted from the award-winning memoir of Eleanor Ramrath Garner, and performed by her granddaughter. Just These Please are back to knock your socks off. Then neatly fold them. Charming five-star sketch comedy sensation looking to share one hour of passion followed by a lifetime of mutual appreciation. When an inflatable doll comes to life, could it be just the man Kate needs?

    When workaholic Kate is "gifted" a blow-up-boyfriend she keeps it in defiance. Soon the doll becomes the only person Kate dares to be herself around Energetic, playful and passionate [ The magic of David Attenborough live on stage! A blue whale swims through the ocean depths. Racer snakes pursue a young iguana across the desert. Watch as two hapless but enthusiastic clowns recreate extraordinary scenes of the natural world - a world teetering on the brink of disaster.

    Caroline Burns Cooke fearlessly delves into glamorous 70's sitcom legend Yootha Joyce - dead at the height of her fame. It could have been worse. Could have been a wet Wednesday matinee at Rhyl Rep. Highly nuanced impressions and hilarious exchanges abound Keep your head up. They eat rules, boxes and labels for breakfast. Just wait 'til you meet their alter egos. Access All Areas supported artists, BareFace, present FIX US: a funny, defiant new show about three wild, wicked and wonderful individuals - and their equally outrageous stage personas.

    Cheeky, sexy and full of charm BareFace show you who they really are.

    Star-Powered Listens

    I haven't seen such creative improvisation as this on stage before. Back at the Fringe by popular demand, 'Improv Actually' throws together a completely unscripted RomCom using audience suggestions. Sir Trevor Brierly - writer, director, occasional cat-sitter has died. Comedians John Tothill and James Coward host a memorial service in tribute to Trevor's life and works, featuring his films and an array of guests, each with a story to tell.

    Bees are immediately punished for their stings. Wasps don't learn their lesson. One small person's journey to discover that she has and is everything she's always wanted. She's just one fib away. A darkly comic look at lying, growing up, the fake news of our lives and the cost of the truth. Written by Hugh Whitemore and performed by Rohan McCullough, this play celebrates one of the most successful partnerships in history: the long and remarkable marriage of Winston and Clementine Churchill. From their unconventional courtship, through the testing and tumultuous years of the First World War and Churchill's erratic political progress, Clemmie was his unwavering ally.

    This moving, amusing and frank portrait celebrates this couple and the power of their love. In , three explorers took off to the Arctic in a free-flying balloon. Behind them, they left a woman who could not forget them. A tale of love, loss and the strange power of the human heart.

    Winners of the Les Infants Terribles Award , Dead Rabbits present a highly visual and physical journey through the whiter than white nights and darker than dark days, where nothing is what it seems. Pat Hobby, script hack who was hot when the movies were dumb, lurches from job to job, managing by luck and low cunning to more or less avoid the abyss of unemployment and despair! Birchard himself left Hollywood in a bizarre flash of sanity to study acting in Glasgow!

    There he discovered The Pat Hobby Stories. Amazed by their timeless, savage humour, he performs them with a zest and relish that effortlessly evokes unbridled laughter. Eurig and Connor rely on death for a living but even that has let them down. But Charles Sterling's strange corpse offers them a lifeline. Will they take it? Or will they bury his deadly secret? A World Premiere. A new play by Sam Steiner about how everything and nothing changes as people bat a ball.

    About as promising as debuts get. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you to find us. Good luck. Nadia and Daniel have just signed for a flat. Under a pseudonym, naturally. After years of married life, this is their chance to start again. But as much as they try to redefine the rules, the outside world is closing in.

    As the young crew unleash their deadly cargo onto the city below, the wireless operator agonises about the real cost of their mission. Brooke has it all: the job, the flat, the girlfriend A bisexual Bridget Jones for the online generation, this tragicomic one-woman play and its lovably hapless heroine is for anyone who's wondered why they feel so lonely when connecting with others is meant to be easier than ever.

    A new dark comedy about foot-and-mouth disease by Fringe First award winner Emily Jenkins. It's the late 90s: Take That, Tamagotchis and Pog swaps. When Bobby and Amy meet, hundreds of cows dot across the fields and the sun always shines. But when the cows begin to burn, Bobby and Amy's sleepy Cotswold town faces a catastrophe that will change their home forever. Historical characters, improv and stand-up.

    Napoleon and Amelia Earhart are back by popular demand but watch out for a spiky Jane Austen. Expect opinionated puppets, spontaneous discoveries and a show-stopping finale! Like her previous shows, this promises to be exceedingly charming, a little bit weird and very funny. Life is short. There's no time to debate options, consider details or use spellcheck. You just have to choose. So choose this comedy shoe, it'll be fin!

    Sketch comedy that may or may not contain action, romance and Benedict Cumberbatch. British Comedy Guide Recommended Aristocrat Eddie Spangler and valet Jeffrey must learn the meaning of these words and more in this new knockabout Edwardian comedy. Lord Wiggins is set to inherit Rhodesia upon his marriage to Emily Rhodes, but their romance is faltering. It is up to Eddie and Jeffrey to sort Wiggins out as quickly and violently as possible. Meanwhile - the evil Lord Biggins lurks in the shadows, waiting to execute dark schemes of his own Gob-smackingly thrilling and breathtakingly admiral in its outrageous courage, bravery.

    Wonderfully engrossing, fuelled by the inexorable presence of its creator. Broccolini's creation is a darkly raw absurdist comedy about Red Lady, who shares awkwardly grotesque stories with the thread of human survival throughout. A debut show from a comedian who was born with Poland Syndrome, making him lopsided with a misshapen hand. Following life changing surgery he has toes for fingers on his left hand and in this unflinchingly honest show he examines body image, mental health and being disabled in an image-obsessed world.

    An hour of anarchic storytelling and acidic punchlines exploring how he has learnt to roll with the hand life dealt him and draw humour from what we are told is humourless. Join Roz and Jules on an epic Thelma and Louise style multimedia tragicomedy adventure in clearing their good names, healing age-old family strife and safely delivering those babies! Stolen Cactus. Evening Standard one-to-watch writer Tatty Hennessey, NYT Artistic Director Paul Roseby and Britain's best young talent are kicking off in a comic urgent response to the extremes of social media in true interrogatory style to put the social network 'on trial'.

    Murphy retraces the steps of her transformative years, from fire-starter in a football shirt to feathers, tits and teeth. I want to dunk myself in cold water. I feel comfortable. Wild Swimming: a brief and benighted history. Nell and Oscar meet on a deserted beach in Dorset. It's They will meet here, again and again, on this beach Stuff will change.

    Book Titles Search

    As it does with time. They will try to keep up. Powerful and entertaining, this true story is told with traditional African Griot storytelling fused with theatre, singing, music, poetry, drumming and dance. CAP Somewhere on the other side of the world a plane is falling from the sky. You can watch it happening on Youtube. You can watch it burning on repeat.

    A new guest performer each night. A dance-filled deconstruction of digital information. This crowd-pleasing musical is inspired by and features the songs of Elvis Presley. It's and into town rides a guitarplaying young man who changes everything and everyone he meets in this hip-swivelling, lip-curling musical fantasy that'll have you jumpin' out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, and Don't Be Cruel. After sell-out national tours, a West End run and Radio 4 special, Austentatious returns to the Fringe for its eighth glorious year!

    Every single day an all-star cast improvise a brand new Jane Austen novel based entirely on a single suggestion from the audience. Performed in period costume with live musical accompaniment, this is Austen as you've never seen her before: award-winning, riotous and unmissable. The award-winning all-male company make an explosive Edinburgh debut. Created collaboratively by the BalletBoyz company dancers, Them explores the individuality within each dancer and the versatility of movement which BalletBoyz are renowned for.

    The result is always the same - fantastic. Sample the very best in music, comedy, circus, variety and more from around the Fringe. There's something for everybody in our showstopping Spiegeltent. See a new line-up every day! Suitable for all ages. Check assemblyfestival. A fantastically entertaining way to spend an afternoon When Ross' wife leaves him for another woman, he fears he will never find love again.

    But then Rachel runs back into his life Based on surviving court transcripts, this new play dramatises the seven-month trial that gripped Renaissance Rome, and asks how much has changed in the last four centuries. Featuring original songs such as ' He's her Lobster! When Were You Under Me? What could possibly go wrong? This is a loving parody not to be confused with the Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. A new parody musical, inspired by the iconic TV show Friends, marking ten years of comedy all in one night.

    The hilarious misadventures of three eccentric and lovable anti-heroes crammed in their wacky rooftop bedsits. After a sell-out tour, the funniest show in Europe brings its farcical antics and physical comedy extravaganza to Edinburgh. Paper-thin walls barely separate three neighbours - an accident-prone hoarder, a karaoke-loving gadget geek and an inept career junkie - who strike up unlikely and moving friendships. Fishbowl promises to delight fans of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Mr Bean with this modern take that really packs a punch; its incredibly realistic set is filled with ingenious magical devices, tricks and surprises that shock and delight.

    Fishbowl premieres in the UK. Attempting to separate "good" from "evil" in the human personality, Dr. Jekyll inadvertently creates an alternate personality of pure evil, dubbed Mr. Hyde, who wreaks murderous havoc on the city of London. Struggling to control Hyde before he takes over for good, Jekyll must race to find a cure for the demon he has created in his own mind.

    Two hearts, one cottage, and book with all the "answers" A modern fairytale of love and longing. Expect laughter and tears in this poignant and moving show which will capture your heart using physical theatre, clown and mask. Playful, tender and deeply moving Meadow Rain is throwing a party to celebrate her new life.

    Award-winning creators of fringe sell-out show 'So It Goes' are back, with a darkly comic piece exploring emotional abuse. A brilliant job of subverting expectations Madame George is a psychic in a slump. When finally there comes a message, will she really want to hear it?

    A comedy about how far we will go for what we choose to believe in, from the team that brought you the Awardnominated Fringe hit 'The Bench'. Starring Jojo Sutherland. An all male re-imagining of Shakespeare's classic love story uses physical theatre to portray two opposing rugby teams, thus grounding the piece in the 21st century. When the two men meet, the unyielding pride of man threatens to destroy all that they know.

    Romeo and Juliet returns to the Edinburgh Fringe after a sell-out run in Stunningly subtle staging and haunting performances, this gay adaption will make your heart soar BBBB. Experience Jack's explosive story as he steps into the absurd world of modern masculinity, tries to mask his trauma and reinvents himself as a 'real man'. How far will Jack go to fit in and feel secure, whilst hoping his past never catches up with him?

    Ripped exposes this national crisis and the pressures put on young men to live up to outdated ideals. Directed by Max Lindsay. Best-selling author, actress and activist Rose McGowan makes her debut at the Fringe. Through memoir, music, storytelling, projections and performance Rose creates a new world of possibilities: Planet 9.

    She invites the audience on a healing journey of discovery to this new planet. The antidote to all that is earthbound, from here we can see Earth from a new perspective and learn how to create a liberated, fairer society for ourselves. Like moon dust, Rose hopes you will take a little piece of Planet 9 with you wherever you go.

    The expectations of her generation, including motherhood, stopped her following that career. Now Angela's retired, Hannah's decided they're doing a show together. A side-splittingly funny show, with clever punch-lines, creatively choreographed sketches, and well-timed comic precision. Fresh off a run in the West End, 'The Man' showcases Patrick's brilliant characters and sketches, that are "so funny it feels like a work out" Savage Arts , for a brave and thought-provoking hour of comedy.

    Supporting The Movember Foundation, the show dissects and satirises what it means to be 'The Man' in today's society. Come see this "inspiringly and intimidatingly well-written" Lucy Moss, writer of SIX, the musical comedic tour-de-force. After a total sell-out run in , 'In Loyal Company' returns in a venue twice the size for This incredible true story of missing WWII soldier Arthur Robinson, written and performed by his great-nephew David William Bryan is a tour de force war epic not to be missed.

    Don't bother - we're not. Grab your pals and your biscuits and watch Beach Body Ready! Join The Roaring Girls for a defiantly feel-good show which sticks two fingers up at how the media says you should look. Lucy Roslyn's new play tries to escape the identitarian bullshit of - just as Woolf tried to escape into the pages of Orlando.

    Andy has performed at 40 Edinburgh Festivals. Over 2 and a half years of his life has been spent in Edinburgh during August. Hear about how he started out on the streets, the Vicious Boy years, the stand-up shows, the plays, and the improv shows. If you are looking for outlandish stories, Andy's will be at the far end of the scale. Five storytellers open a treasure chest. Each day, a different set of stories emerge. They're unlocking the myths, histories and secrets of the natural world, with tales taken from all across the globe.

    The creator of Freaks and Geeks and director of Bridesmaids brings his unique perspective on the TV and film landscape in this special event. An international award-winning, adaptation of Homer's Epic tale, 'The Odyssey', this lyrical, mythical, solo-soul journey, fuses live ukelele music and spoken-word as it charts Black Ulysses's escape to an exotic, desert island. Essie's lost her job. Not her fault, she just - never mind. Her girlfriend's left. But she's alright.

    Except lately she feels more like a chair than a person. One of those collapsible chairs. Solid one minute. And then.

    Camille LaGuire's World 'O Words

    Written by one of Ireland's most exciting new playwrights, Collapsible is a funny and furious monologue about navigating a world that cares so much about you keeping it together, it doesn't notice you falling apart. Blown away. Beautifully written, cleverly crafted and perfectly executed. Go see, people. You'II love it.

    Witty, moving, sensitive and sincere. Beautifully observed and constructed. Fabulous show, so emotive and funny. He promised her a world tour, so far it's just care homes Two actors play multiple roles that have the audience laughing, crying and singing their hearts out. Inspired by the author's experience caring for his mother-in-law when she was living with dementia, Paradise Lodge is an exploration of identity, reality and loss - with a bit of Beyonce thrown in.

    Madcap, macabre and multimedia: surreal sketches from Cambridge Footlights Comrie and Dan, after Fringe hit 'Speechless'. A garish look into the sinister side of technology, it's Morecambe and Wise meets Black Mirror. Great value, great venue and great fun! Long running lunchtime comedy compilation showcasing the acts you must not miss. New line-ups every day handpicked from across the Fringe. If you want to start your day on a comedy high, plus get tips on which names to check out, this is the place to be! See edcomproductions. The ultimate 1-man band: guitarist, pianist, drummer It's hard to reach stardom walking on Lego.

    Restores your faith in human nature and the Fringe With one man and a piano. Following a sold-out run at last years Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Tom Brace returns with a brand-new magic show for the whole family! Featuring Tom's unique blend of comedy and magic, the show promises to have a little something for everybody. Two circus sea lions: one is desperate to escape, the other gets off on daily rub downs from Trevor the Trainer.

    This female duo bring you fast-paced and silly physical theatre that will show you the humanity of sea lions. Absolutely shocking defending. Meet the P. Based on a true story. It's a man's world She knows what's what! A fresh, feminist take on Shakespeare's classic tragedy of passion, hate and vendettas, and where true love is no protection Adapted and directed by Nick Hennegan, with a stunning original score by Robbie Williams 'A Christmas Carol' and the voice of a famous surprise guest!

    Plays alternate days with P. A small Anglo-French army finds itself before the walls of Beijing. How did it get there? How will it get out? Lives will be lost and fortunes made. Framed by powerful female leaders, the drama struts its stuff on the grotesque stage of Empire.

    Written by Chris Ruffle. Directed by Mingyu Lin. Meet the nominees for Woman of the Year. From an Instagram star to a competitive vicar. Who will win? You decide. Anna returns with a limited run of her award winning show. The voices that are defining a genre.

    Aaron is far better at stand-up than standing up and his unique perspective on life - usually of people's belly buttons - gives him a distinctive edge in his performances as well as a sore neck. Brendan Galileo is determined to make his mark on Irish political life by joining the European Parliament. But first he needs to raise his profile by representing his country in the continent's most vicious diplomatic catfight, the Eurovision. A hilarious multi award-winning play about keeping your integrity at the world's foremost convention of kitsch.

    Daisy MacDade tells the strange but true story of her extraordinary experiences as an Edinburgh-based sugarbaby, trying to get through university. Meet sugardaddies including the lonely Mr Porsche, the flashy Mr Starbucks and the mysterious Mr Comedian in this darkly comic and provocative adults-only show. A man eats a meal on stage. This is the greatest cultural event of the year. For one lunchtime only, a man called Dan will eat a three course meal live, on stage, in a seat theatre.

    Such a feat has never been attempted before. Surrounded by a team of fringe favourites, and encouraged by super special guests, Dan will masticate furiously before us all. But will he complete his meal? Will anyone attempt to throw him off his stride? Who will win in the battle of Dan VS Food? A charity event in aid of FareShare. Get up close as she shares the highs and lows, and admits what really happened in her public and private life, in this frank, funny, no-holds-barred four-star interview. One man. Ten seasons. One hour! Performed in a specially created coffee shop venue!

    Fred MacAulay, one of Scotland's best-loved stand-ups, is back with his live lunchtime chat show. Featuring different guests from the worlds of sport, entertainment and politics every day - including returning favourites from - that Fred has encountered along the way in his iconic year career. After a sold out five star premier comes an athletic, surreal and beautiful tale of survival.

    Ferociously ambitious and driven by an intoxicating fear of failure, GEORGE encounters grotesque characters at every turn, misshapen by the same anxiety. Who is J? No one knows. But as the city dwellers catch on, they come sniffing like wolves Stunning choreography and sharp tongued satire transports the audience into a world of dangerous ambition. Meet Melissa. She loves cake, glitter and she's got Cervical Cancer. Join us as she tells the story of the lead up to her death party. A dark comedy about friendship, love and loss, Spice Girl routines, glitter cannons and everything in between.

    Bursting with love, poetry, comedy, tragedy, mistaken identity and everything in-between, Impromptu Shakespeare bring you an entirely new 'Shakespeare' play inspired by audience suggestions, featuring a cast of leading theatrical and comedic improvisers. TJ and Max are in love, but struggling to identify with their identifiers. Max is desperate to escape the tribe; TJ's looking to sign up. I've never seen anything quite like it It's wild, it's hilarious You want to know how the tricks work, but this show will reveal how a magician thinks! John Accardo may be one of America's rising young talents, but he's been performing for over a decade, all the while creating brilliant, funny and original magic.

    Peek behind the curtain as John shows you how a magician conceives and performs innovative and hilarious effects that will amuse and astonish you in equal measure!